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During the early years of its operation, Mont Parnes Hotel on Mount Parnitha was like a living museum, since the priceless works of art that decorated it reflected the pioneering spirit of the day. With special sensitivity towards this important cultural asset, Hyatt Regency took on the task of preserving and protecting these unique works of art, which are now on display throughout the prominent areas of the complex.

Standing out among them is the famous "Synthesis" (1961) by Yannis Moralis which the artist donated to the Regency Casino Mont Parnes and now adorns the new reception area of the casino. The corridors and main areas of the casino feature 34 paintings by major artist Spyros Vasileiou, 5 by Yannis Hainis and 4 by Nikos Nikolaou, while in the reception area of the cable car and corridors, visitors may admire 5 examples of collage by artist and academician Panagiotis Tetsis and 2 lithographs by Vaso Katraki.


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